RSoC Framework simple FPGA loopback demonstration

Some Xilinx Zynq (or Altera Cyclone V SoC) applications require a huge amount of data to be processed by an FPGA accelerator and then sent back to the ARM processor immediately. The goal of this demonstration is to show how simple it can be to write an application based on the RSoC Framework for Zynq. The application consists of FPGA and processor parts. The FPGA part is used to forward data coming from processor back to the same processor through RAM (loopback). The processor controls sending of data. A scheme of the solution is depicted in the Figure.


You can now download  all application sources which can be customized as you need. You can also download binaries prepared for the ZedBoard. Corresponding application note is also available for download. See how simple is to build an application with the RSoC Framework!

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