RSoC Framework framework utilized in asymmetric multiprocessing application

Asymmetric MultiProcessing (AMP) is vital for isolating safety or real-time critical processing in embedded applications.  The RSoC Framework supports asymmetric multiprocessing on dualcores such as ARM Cortex-A9. One core hosts classical Linux with non-critical application processing whereas the other core hosts the critical processing running either without OS support (bare metal) or with FreeRTOS support. A simplified scheme of the RSoC Framework  support of AMP is depicted in the Figure.

Both parts of the application communicate via RSoC Driver and RSoC AMP Library. RSoC Framework supports asymmetric multiprocessing on Xilinx Zynq as well as Altera Cyclone platforms.

You can download software application sources of our asymmetric multiprocessing demonstration application. Or you can also download all binaries needed to run AMP demonstration on the ZedBoard or on the Altera SoC Development kit. Corresponding application note for both boards is also available for download.

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